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It’s been a year and half since Sol Gems released the critically-acclaimed Standing With the Sun/Under the Palms. Highly anticipated, the follow-up, Lapis Lazuli marks a new era in the band’s progression. Recorded in the first quarter of 2016 at the iconic South African Broadcasting Corporation Studios in Johannesburg, as well as a few bedrooms here and there, the band’s trajectory is amplified through a magic, crystalline ride – the experiences of going through life, a quest for wisdom and truth.

Featuring the celebrated debut single Over the Shoulder – with it’s bright, melodic flow, high vibrating keys and dreamy falsetto breaks, it has taken the South African national radio airwaves by storm – a rare feat for more left-field music in South Africa. Breaking the mould of what usually appears on popular radio stations playlists, Over the Shoulder shows the band stepping out of the garage and onto the festival stage.
The second single, Psaaak, transports the listener with it’s immersive groove, washed out synths and floating guitars – a nod to the classic psychedelic sounds of the 60’s & 70’s, and yet Psaaak is evidently of the now, undeniably Sol Gems.

Lapis Lazuli is an echo of the band’s choice to open-up to an exploration of new sounds and instruments, breaking the bonds of their initial psychedelic rock ‘n roll inspired release. Lapis Lazuli marks the moment where Sol Gems have made a bold move regarding their sound – perhaps into a place that could be defined as more clearly their own, stamping their eclectic mark deep into each track.

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