Dj ToDo Crazy

About Dj ToDo Crazy

Armen Tadevosyan was born in 1997 in the capital of Armenia. In 2010 when he moved to live in Spain he began to studying at the school. In 2012 when his best friend called him ”todo crazy” by the jokes he did, he created YouTube channel and start editing music videos. Days later he upload his first video of a grandfather dancing with the mix of DJ BL3ND. Days later he was so motivated that rose another video of a grandmother dancing. Next day he just installed ”Virtual DJ” and did his first mix called ”Bad Mix”. Months later he installed ”Traktor Pro” and started doing more better videos. In 2013 he did his best mix called ”Madafaka Mix” with which he got 1,8 million of visits on that mix. In 2014 he got 3.000 subscribers. Seeing all that progress he just bought ”Pioneer DDJ SX2” and he started using that controller with ”Serato DJ”, In 2015 continuing the good work he got 6.000 subscribers and fulfilling 18 years old that year he just start searching parties for play music, that year he played on 3 private parties. That year he just started with music production on ”FL Studio 12”. Ending the year he just released his first music on ”Spunk Records” called ”Dutch Killer”. 2016 started with sorprises, he collaborated with Mexican producer for ”La Clinica Records”, before he just created his own record label called ”TadevoSSo Records”, he released all his music on that label. In summer he attended private lessons to learn DJing on ”Pioneer DJM 850 and CDJ 1000mk3”. Ending the summer he played music at one of the biggest clubs on Madrid (Spain) called ”Marco Aldany” mixing EDM & Dirty Dutch music on ”Pioneer DJM 800 and CDJ 2000”. Actually he have 11k Subscibers & 4 Million of visits on his YouTube channel. Next days he have great ideas for his career.